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    The Crêt-Béni Sledging Slope

    A special sledging slope is located at the base of the Crêt-Béni ski area, open access.

    Accessible either by free shuttle bus or a 5-minute walk from the village centre along the footpath.

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    Sledging on the Footpath

    The groomed snowy path on the village plain is ideal for toddlers.

    You can pull your youngest children along in their sledges.


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    Supervised Activities

    The ESF – French Ski School offer fun new toys to ride with two fun and sporty activities.


    Charge down the snowy slopes on an Airboard. You lie on your stomach, hold on and steer it with your body for exciting new sensations.

    Minimum height 1.25m.


    The Yooner is a cross between a sledge and a ski. Ride the slopes with our instructors and enjoy zipping round the turns.

    It has a seat, spring and one blade, is lightweight, easy to handle and very comfortable.

    From 6 years old.


    Anyone can do the Snake Gliss! Perfect for some family fun or with friends. Slide down the slope on this amusing contraption, funny sledges safely attached together.

    From 6 years old.


    These activities take place outside the ski domain’s opening hours. Flat rate: €25


    ESF – 29 Route des Moulins
    Open in season: Monday to Sunday 8:30 am-7 pm
    Tel.: +33 (0)4 50 73 50 15

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