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  • Bandeau web CHATELLANTA


    In teams, meet the challenges inspired from the famous TV programme! Challenges that require all your skills: precision, coordination, balance, cohesion, tasting (we won’t tell you what!)

    The 2-hour activity takes place on the snow front in Abondance and Châtel. It’s a game for everyone, you don’t need to be a sports fanatic! All you need is a sense of fun to participate in Châtel-Lanta!

    Minimum age to participate: 12 yrs. old

    This is an outside activity, so, wear warm clothes.

    2-h game session, between 12 and 42 people per activity.


    Adult: €30/person
    Child: 12 to 16 yrs. old: 20% discount
    Team (4 to 8 people): €100

    Bookings and information: Yllar Montagne – – 09 51 61 31 43

    The activity will take place on Friday, 17th December, then on Thursdays, 23th December to 13th January, 2:30-4:30 pm.

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  • Bandeau web MURDER

    Murder Party

    Do you miss a good game of Cluedo around the fire? With Yllar Montagne you can slip into the detective’s shoes and trench coat to solve a police enquiry!

    There was a murder last night, just there… Who? Why? How? The police have a few ideas, but…

    In teams of detectives, you will set off to meet the main suspects: are they guilty? Innocent? You’ll have to “interrogate” them, check their alibis, scrutinize the exhibits, go through police reports, and more. You will also visit the crime scene to search for clues left by the murderer.

    Can you trust your intuition and keep a cool head to deal with the various twists and turns of the investigation? The cards are in your hands.

    From 13 years old – 2h30 game time
    Minimum 12 people – 60 people maximum


    Adult: €30/person
    Child between 12 and 16 yrs. old: 20% discount
    Team (between 4 and 8 persons): €100

    Bookings and information: Yllar Montagne – – 09 51 61 31 43

    Indoor activity, Hôtel IBIS in Thonon-les-bains… or in your chalet!

    See the website

Even More Activities

Ice driving on a frozen circuit, an ice skating rink, an aquatic area, and more!

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