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Waste collection

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The municipality of Châtel makes sensitive it's population and it's holiday makers in the sorting of the waste by developing a whole network of gluttons in the village, which comes to complete the collection of waste very close and the services of the waste reception center of Pré-la-Joux.

Collection of waste at home

In Châtel the collection of waste is organized as follows:
Household waste:
> Winter (20/12-31/03): on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
> Easter, Summer: on Monday and Friday
> Low seasons: on Friday.

The sectors of Les Vorres, Le Recardet, La Béchigne, Villapeyron, Loy, Le Linga, Très les Pierres, Pré la Joux, Petit-Châtel/Le Tenne, Roitet and Freinets have switched to a method of collecting household waste and sorting at a voluntary collection point - map of settlements here bellow.

> On Fridays. If folded and stored under cover.
The domestic bulky waste:
> May, June, September to November: on the last Thursday of each month (with advanced registration at the Town Hall).

Sorting waste

A range of gluttons are at your disposal in the village for the sorting waste:
In the yellow gluttons are collecting:
> metal containers
> magazines, leaflets, newspapers, old papers
> plastiques bottles
> small paers, carboard packaging
In the green gluttons are collecting:
> bottles
> glass pots

And for the rest as light filament bules, plastic bags and films, plastic and polystyrenes cartons, plastic pots and cutlery, china tableware, broken windows an mirrors, you put them into the bin or at the waste reception centre.

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